September 15, 2010

California Gold

This is my second autumn here where civilization meets the mountains with the Mojave Desert just beyond. Other than a few pleasantly overcast days last week it's still too hot for words, but the scrub on the chaparral is starting to display a seasonal change of color.


  1. hello..:o)
    wonderful golden colors..
    I love autumn season ....fantastic
    a big morning kiss from France..

  2. Oddly enough, what I like here is how the California Gold puts the forest green and rusty burgundy in high relief.

    Nice compositions, indeed, Pardner!

    Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to wash the wallpaint/plaster off of me for the 1000th time...

  3. And gold it is! Wow! Beautiful shades in every shot.

  4. Haven't seen that golden nature for a while. Beautiful as always...
    Weekend plans? :)

  5. Hi clo!

    Thanks for stopping in. I hope the new job is going well. I miss your postings...

    Hi Pli,

    Getting my room ready, huh? I hope you didn't plaster the keys on your keyboard!

    Hello JM,

    Oddly enough, the cloudy day brought out the colors more vividly than bright sunlight. I read that plants and flowers are best shot in an overcast situation...

    Hey BLOGitse,

    You don't find this by the seaside, huh? I'd trade you for a while for those cool ocean breezes. I'm a little sidelined this weekend. Have to caretake while my brother and his wife spend the weekend at the beach!

  6. Beautiful shots. Here, in late fall and winter there are tall rusty looking grasses in the fields. I love to see these...sometimes pick them for winter bouquets. I am also fond of red-headed women, any time of year! : )

    "California Gold' reminds me of Huell Howser's show on PBS. He really cracks me up with his affected commentary, but I do like seeing the many parts of the state he covers. (He got his start here in Tennessee, by the way)

  7. Hiya! What beautiful colours, I have mixed feelings at this time of year, I really don't like to see the summer leave, the days becoming shorter but then again I love the autumn there is a romantic feeling to it, the leaves the colours the wrapping up....

  8. I can just barely remember what heat feels like. How quickly one forgets. Thanks for reminding me of its intensity with these rich toasty golden hues.

  9. ah, at the heart of summer-autumn, this intense gold which can be both - a perfect post of the threshold feelings i am overwhelmed with at the moment...

    (thank you for writing, thank you so much, i am deeply buried in work - and other stress! - right now that is why i couldn't answer, but i hope better times will come soon)

  10. That's about the richest gold I've ever seen.

  11. You are getting to see more than most people who move somewhere because of your photo ability and your keen eye and interest in everything. These are great pictures. I particularly like the field with mountains in the background.

  12. "If my words did glow with the gold of sunshine
    And my tunes were played on the harp unstrung,
    Would you hear my voice come thru the music,
    Would you hold it near as it were your own?"

    Couldn't help but think of that sweet old tune while contemplating the quiet beauty of your golden visions here...

    PS will soon be back to Philadelphia, and will be heading to Apollos soon... very soon ! And then to John's Bar & Grill for something to wash it down with... will drink a toast to you...

  13. Thanks Myth,

    Hey, that's a great idea. Those rust colored grasses would make a wonderful bouquet. I have a field across the street so that's just what I'll do. Huell cracks me up but he does go to great locations.

    Hi Joanne,

    I know exactly what you mean but I could use a break from this heat. I don't like the shorter days.

    Hello Louciao,

    We seem to be in opposing climates. I'm starting to forget what it's like to be cold!

    Hi Roxana,

    Oh No. I hope your schedule and load lighten like autumn leaves dropping gracefully of the trees.

    Hey tattytiara,

    You know what they say, "There's gold in them there hills."

    Thanks TechnoBabe,

    When I first got here, I thought I wouldn't like it. But there is so much to see and do! I do enjoy the great outdoors!

    Dear Owen,

    Great to hear from you! What a beautiful verse. I'm glad you felt the stillness, the quiet after the crackling intensity of the previous post.

    Mmmm. I can practically taste that cheesesteak. My mouth is watering. Enjoy!

  14. When I lived up in the hills of Burbank, I used to walk up the fire road all the way to the top.
    Now that I live on the coast, I had to plant 2 wild sage bushes. I don't know how well they will do so close to the ocean but so far, the smell is so wonderful; it brings me right back up on the hills of our beautiful golden state.

  15. The colors and lighting are striking. Your photos always seem so alive. I like thes a lot.

  16. Hi Nadege,

    What a cool thing to do! I love that smell too. It just permeates the air out here and fills the air with such sweet perfume. Good luck with your sage. I hope they make it!

  17. Thanks James!

    I sincerely appreciate your comment!

  18. Beautiful colours, lovely shots as always. When I was a wee kid my favourite show was the High Chaparrel, but it was in balck and white....

  19. Thanks Sagittarian,

    That is so cool. I've never seen the show, but have heard of the title. I should try to get ahold of it. I love westerns, old and new, particularly for the landscapes.

  20. I don't think any other color represents California so perfectly. It seems to particularly glow in your photos. Gorgeous!

  21. Often Dan (Myth) takes the words right out of my mouth. As always the composition and color of the photos are exceptional.

    The last time I was in California I ran in to Huell at a rent-a-car center. It was the first time I'd seen in person in over thirty years. Except for his gray hair he had not changed a bit. He's one of a kind.

  22. Huell Howser, with one hand holding the mike; the other on the shoulder of some old-timer:

    "Do YOU mean to tell me, that LONG AGO, people came here from all OVER THE this VERY Spot where we are STANDING, along this CREEK... in DAWSON... to pan for CAL..IF...ORNIA GOOLLLD?!"

    Old timer nods. : )

  23. Hey Amy,

    I've never thought about it but you are so right. I wonder if California is called "The Golden State" not because of the gold rush, but because of the golden fields?

  24. Hey Dee,

    That's awesome. I love all the side stories from your past that you share!

  25. Oh Myth,

    You are too much! You've captured Huell perfectly, in print!