September 9, 2010

High Voltage


  1. Can feel the high tension and hear the crackling in the air, with the smell of ozone, and I'm thinking your hair is probably still standing on end ? What an intense series, the signs of our times... makes me think of a line Bob Dylan sang which went...

    Senor, Senor,
    Why don't we overturn these tables
    Let's disconnect these cables
    This place don't make sense to me no more
    Can you tell me what we're waiting for Senor...

    What an incredible sense of observation you have... I have dreamed many times of doing some photo series of a huge expanse of high voltage lines like these that runs along a road I take sometimes to go to work... Actually did some photos there a while back to sort of test the idea, but nothing like these... So, can only take off my hat, and bow my head in reverence for this lovely work...

  2. Dear Owen,

    Thank you for those kind words and sending along the Dylan lyrics. He says it true, always.

    I've found that photography has taught me how to see. But you all ready know that evidenced by every post you make on your blog.

    Now I'm off to give Bobby D a listen and comb down my hair!

  3. Very nice juxtaposition of B&W and Blue&Orange, my friend.

    Atmosphere, atmosphere...

    I love the guy at work and can feel the heat coming off the high tension wires. Coooooollll...

    Word verification, I shit you not:


  4. Brilliant series, really wonderful! There is so much feeling there, one of your best so far:)

  5. Amazing silhouettes and great work on the other pics, the colours are awesome!

    Cool you've mentioned Blade Runner! I've watched it a million times! :-)

  6. Stickup - What a change from your way. The scratches are beautiful. The B&W's are so wonderful in the moments in front of you. The combination of this series is very inspiring.
    Wonderful post!!!


  7. At first glance it looks like fire. What colors. Amazing. You are a one of a kind photographer.

  8. Thanks Pliers,

    For your astuteness. That was not an "accident." The scene reminded me of "Man on Wire." It was such a cool thing to watch and it just so happened I was shooting directly into the sun clouded over just enough to create strong silhouettes. Sometimes the planets align.

    Thank you Joanne!

    For those really kind words. I really enjoyed this shoot. The men were so cool. Waving and joking with me, putting me at my ease to do my thing. It was such a good time. That doesn't happen too often when I have people involved.

    Thanks JM,

    For some reason those fiery colors got by me last autumn. Every field seems to be either bright orange or gold this year.

    Another Bladerunner fan! I've watched it probably as many times!

    Thanks Robert,

    It is a pretty big departure, huh? I'm glad of it. I love to shake my world up from time to time. It's all a learning process!

  9. Hey TechnoBabe,

    We are posting at the same time! Thank you for your kind words. You're encouragement, visits, and comments spur me on to keep trying new things and are so greatly appreciated.

  10. Fantastic series. Yes I can hear the crackling and buzz in the air too and I think my hair is standing on end. It's frightening to see behind the scenes of our consumption imprinting the landscape. Are the men power-washing?!
    Thank you for your comments the music definitely stirred memories of the dance and of my many losses.

  11. You've done it again! The silhouettes are striking and would make great enlarged prints! Also, the sense of the worker up there...dangerous stuff. I love working man/woman images. Effects on the color shots were interesting too. Postcards. Do you ever think of putting a show together? Do you ever shoot 35mm? Just thinking of b/w infra-red...

    My word verification today is 'unfary' it something to do with unfairness, or some fairy that got excommunicated for some un-fairy like misbehavior?

  12. Thanks Artscapes,

    Can't turn the clock back but it is distressing to see a beautiful landscape thus marred and scarred.

  13. Hey Myth,

    I know surprisingly little about photography. I never picked up a camera until about a year and a half ago, so I never shot film. But I do have a lot of ideas, it's just getting the time and technology down to execute them.

    A show... I Wish! Thanks for the vote of confidence. It really means the world to me!

    And definitely, un-fairy like misbehavior!

  14. Fabulous definition here, love them very much! You're very talented an dhave a great eye for photos! :-)

  15. I do love the contrast of the black and whites with the full blown colours with their overlaid "distressing", and the graphic lines of the stark electric towers against the contrasting skies. Oh, how those intense blue & turquoise hued skies combined with those fiery golden oranges of the electrified fields dazzle my eyes and make my soul sing!

  16. Hi Sagittarian,

    So good to have you here after your terrible ordeal. Thank you so much for your kind words! It's so awesome to get so much encouragement!

  17. Thank you louciao,

    This series has opened up some new possibilities for me. What a journey. Thank you kindly for taking it with me and being so supportive! Your words touch my soul.

  18. :) funny...I have b&w pics posted too...
    But yours are more powerful. I have only a feather and shadows of a class... No men around here! LOL! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  19. Hey BLOGitse,

    I like where you're headed with those black and white light play shots!

  20. this is truly gorgeous. i love the idea behind it, the tension between the geometrical and austere precision of the b/w shots and the dreamy hazy explosions of colour - a more impressionistic touch compared to your previous work, isn't it? there is a very different feeling about these ones. may i ask how you created the colour shots? (if you want to disclose the magic, that is :-)

    today i stumbled upon this photographer:

    and was reminded of you, i thought your work is somehow similar in vision and conception, only you use mostly colour.

    ps. i tremendously enjoy your world.

    ah, and i also have an electric pole series, now i will think twice before showing it, yours is really overwhelming :-)

  21. Thank you Roxana,

    It pleases me to great heights that you have found something of pleasure here! Trust me, the feeling is so mutual.

    I'm going to shoot you an email and check out the site you recommended shortly...

  22. These photos are very powerful. I really like what you've done. The mix of color and black and white is really cool.

  23. Wow! The lines, the colors, the framing.

    I can practically feel the electricity.

  24. Great action shot's, Just brilliant . I love the black and white images, they have a sense of continues energy.

  25. Thanks James,

    Always nice to change things up and try new things I think. You never know where an experiment may lead.

    Thank you Amy,

    It was a fun series. It's hard for me to transition from the nature I love best, but sometimes I have to appreciate the possibilities that are right at hand.

    Thanks Fi,

    It worked out pretty well shooting into the sun on an overcast day. Live and Learn!

  26. Hi tattytiara,

    Thank you so much for the visit and the super nice comment. I greatly appreciate it!