September 23, 2010



  1. Oooohhhhweeeee!

    You know I love that combo of image and words!

    My favs are the turq/blue isolation of the first image and the truncated trunk down a ways. Gorgeous!

    The poem is the cherry on the top and the dark shadow to your light writing!


  2. Nice capture of lovely little things in nature. I think the poem is quite unusual and thought provoking.

  3. ooooo, I like the blue in these...
    Third could be from Finland!
    Well done again!

    You know the feeling when you can go to a restaurant and you never ever leave in a bad mood or disappointed...Every time you go in it's pure pleasure and everything is beautiful.
    That's how I feel coming here!

  4. The greens and blues are fantastic and so eye-catching! The elegance of the plant on the top shot is absolutely lovely.

  5. Your soul is a beautiful sanctuary...
    Have a nice weekend..:o)

  6. Very good light on the flowers that needs to be seen

  7. Great poem. Personally, I like burning bridges. That means starting fresh. No hangers on. Not in a cold way, just in a survival way.

  8. A land bare of chattering folk is one of my very most favorite sorts of places to escape to. Stunning images as ever.

  9. The intensity of the colours in your photos is sanctuary enough for me. Who knew blue could be considered a hot colour?!

  10. I ADORE Dorothy Parker and these photos are fab too. Such great colour mand detail!

  11. Do you know this one by Ms Parker?

    The Evening primrose

    You know the bloom, unearthly white,
    That none has seen by morning light-
    The tender moon, alone, may bare
    Its beauty to the secret air.
    Who'd venture past its dark retreat
    Must kneel, for holy things and sweet,
    That blossom, mystically blown,
    No man may gather for his own
    Nor touch it, lest it droop and fall....
    Oh, I am not like that at all!

    The images that both you and Dorothy allow us to see capture what we must see to survive as individuals and as a species. Thanks

  12. These are beautiful works of art. I'm not sure how you do it but I'm glad that you do.

  13. the first picture is truly mesmerizing, and what a wonderful little poem, if i had known it i would have already used it for my (sometimes) burning bridge :-)