September 7, 2010

Mountain Forest


  1. #6, the one next to last, is a masterpiece.

  2. Oh William,

    Thank you! Those enchanting silvery trees were everywhere. I must have shot over a dozen trying to get them right!

  3. ...watched the stars encrust the midnight sky. aaaah, how romantic! :)
    I'm happy Sgt. T takes you to hidden places - you have a chance take super beautiful pictures!

    It looks so powerful, huge over there...
    Aren't you afraid to get lost?

  4. What wonderful pictures. #6 as William has said takes my breath.

    Lucky you two on a hike, spend the day, take some shots, and HAVE COFFEE! How grand.


  5. Simply amazing. How lucky to be there, I am sure you felt that. 5th one down reminds me of a heart.

  6. Hi BLOGitse,

    It was romantic! And I feel very safe. T has a GPS, an electronic compass and a regular compass. Google maps is a great help and I have a good sense of direction. So far so good!

    Thanks Robert,

    Grand is the word and making coffee out in the wilderness on a cold night is such a treat! I count my blessings every day.

    Hi Myth,

    You bet I did. And you noticed the yellow leaves heart!

  7. I like the view from this post, the images display great heights, well done and when I see them they remind me how beautiful that day was & what a great time I had!

  8. Dearest Fi,

    Thanks for taking me there! What a perfectly beautiful day. I'd have never found that spot on my own. That view was stunning. Can't wait till our next adventure!

  9. Wonder-Full

    Thank you for sharing the magic. And I can only imagine the sky, thousands of stars. A fantastic counterpoint to the day's colour. And warming yourselves with the aroma and taste of fresh coffee. mmmmm
    Beautiful photos!

  10. I know that you had some help from the surroundings but you really are the master of light and color. These are amazing. The leaves in one of the photos seem to come together in the shape of a heart. What a wonderful place and your photos are outstanding!

  11. Simply beautiful. I get a real sense of being there, the colours/light/shadow/clarity/depth of field are so vivid. How nice to have your own personal wilderness guide, with coffee to boot.

  12. I love it !!!
    I love it !!!
    I love it !!!


  13. Thanks Artscapes,

    Next time maybe I can show you the stars instead of telling you about them - I forgot my tripod! boo hoo.

    Thank you James,

    For the kind words. But you know how great the light is here in Cali. And cool - you noticed the yellow leaf heart!

    Thanks Louciao,

    Especially for mentioning depth of field. I do struggle with that!

    Dear Karine,

    thank you,
    Thank You,

  14. Wow! Simply magnificent!

    I have been in those mountains. The year was 1971. Thanks for the journey back in time.

  15. Hey Dee,

    Cool. I'm lucky to have them practically in my backyard!

  16. Oh I'm late again ! I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date, looking in sheer wonder at these days of wonder...

  17. Hey Owen,

    Better late than never as they say!

  18. Beautiful sceneries! And I bet you didn't meet anyone there... Awesome! What a great day this must have been. The colour of those flowers in the last shot are fantastic.

  19. Thanks JM!

    We saw park rangers do a drive thru about 7 and night and stopped them to ask if we were allowed to use our Dragonfly and the said yes. Other than that we were completely and blissfully alone.

  20. wonder indeed!
    i want to get lost in these silvery woods and dream of yellow flower songs...

  21. Hi Roxana,

    The lack of flowers in this landscape makes them all the more startling when one does come upon them. The state flower of California is the poppy but I've yet to see one!