August 25, 2010

On Big Bear Mountain

With temperatures soaring in the valleys, getting away to the mountains is a refreshing break. On this day, the air was sweetly scented with fresh sage after a brief rain; the setting sun reflecting on the departing storm clouds. I spent almost seven hours at well over 8,000 feet and did not experience any altitude sickness like I did in the Sierras. This was an enormous relief for which I was grateful.

August 18, 2010

Salvage Yard Frescoes

Salvage yards in these parts are a common site. They're everywhere. Often people's homes have yards that resemble a salvage yard. What caught my eye at this salvage yard was the graffiti. Not mere tagging but quality graffiti. Lucky for me the gate to the yard was opened so I drove right in and parked. There was no sign of life except the sound of electric saws cutting metal and an old junkyard dog who steered clear of me, so I had a free run at the place. Most of the artwork was signed by an artist going by the name Zebra.