June 10, 2013

Wind Rock Wave

Endlessly, one after the other,
The waves hurl themselves
And shatter into spume at its feet,
And disperse…

Its face and body are scored
With cuts and wounds,
But it stands intact,
Smiling, gazing far out
To sea… 

 ~ The Rock by Ai Qing


  1. Sometimes I can't find right words to explain my feeling , because words have some limits..And your photo for me , open a door to infinity.
    Votre regard est Po├ęsie..♥ :)

  2. Such a seemingly endless drama, and it seems to put one's own brief time in well as the photo itself being a milli-second glimpse of a relationship of earth sky and water that that went on since long before me and will continue long after...

  3. Endlessly, one after the other your photos take my breath away, leaving me speechless.

  4. Beautiful contrasts of rough/smooth textures, cool/warm tones, stillness/movement captured here.

    "The wave does not need to die to become water. She is already water." Thich Nhat Hanh

  5. i have just found out that i will be able to go in august on a little holiday, in italy on the beach... of course i was happy about going to italy, but most, most of all, about being able to stay in a house on the beach, to be able to see the waves, the sea, the sand, every day, maybe out of the window... and then i come here and see this.

  6. Lovely picture.
    Water as clear as it can be.

  7. Beautiful! I really do love the ocean. I may not see it everyday, but it's nice to know that it's there waiting for me.

  8. Beautiful June gloom. And I'm trying to figure out where you are. My guess is Sunset Clifts San Diego

  9. The wave is as thick as candle wax. But the rock is still a rock, and the wind is still the wind. (There must be some truism that can be wheedled out of this state of affairs.)

  10. Nice effect with the blurred water--for me, it creates the illusion of wind, not to mention the constant motion of the water, even farther out.

  11. This is so beautiful from the lighting to the colors and even the sense of motion.

  12. Ah, wind brought word that you are still making magic... rock said this is good, will last a long time, water washed me free of all my cares while contemplating this. All is connected.