June 20, 2013

Summertime Blues


  1. Wow and double wow! Both of these photos are amazing! Those rocks look so familiar to me, but I have no idea exactly where they are. Joshua Tree maybe?

  2. On the steepest slope or the desert plain,
    Whatever the scope, the scale or terrain,
    Be it small and profound, a vast allure,
    Safe and sound or ruggedly insecure,
    In the cool of the night or the heat of the day,
    Beneath sunlight or the Milky Way,
    Beyond the shore, the sea cliffs and caves
    As the gulls soar over white-capped waves,
    Off the asphalt beyond the tossed-debris
    Where the Great Fault meets the Joshua Tree,
    Among ancient pines older than history,
    Gnarled shrines veiled in moonlight and mystery,
    Along a wild remote alpine expanse,
    Scenes of mountain goat and flowering plants,
    Toward a towering quest of ice and snow,
    Lit from the west with the evening’s glow,
    To share a perspective, a point of view,
    Ah, what I would give to be with you.

  3. Ah, computer languages, that higgledy-piggledy set of signs and symbols or, more specifically, hums and hisses--the borborygmus you heard from your desktop this morning was a love letter being indited--that was invented so that computers could communicate with each other. The world of poetry and fiction is consequently an open vista to these warm-hearted contraptions.

  4. You are way too are an amazing photographer/artist...and I know you are a brainiac can't fool me! : )

  5. I think it's only dreams who can inspire images like these ..Thank you to share with us the way of beauty ..Take care of you ,i wish you a nice nice summer time..
    Send you my best thoughts :) ♥

  6. These rock formations are among the most beautiful I've ever seen. Fantastic!

  7. Hope you change your mind and venture into the heat.

    The striations in these shots are very dramatic--both the waves and the rocks. The power of water . . . Holy cow.

  8. I read on another blog where you were in the second photo. Same road where I wrote my ode to the Jack Rabbit homestead I'm interested in purchasing

    Look forward to great photos when it cools down some - btw: what computer programs are you going to study? I have the Adobe CS5 suite. Far smarter then me

  9. hello
    beautiful blue and incredible light. Here in France the failing heat.
    My 3 month trip is completed faster than expected. A serious fall bike forced me to return to France. This is why i had to stop on my blog published, because i was hospitalized,now i'm fine so i will leave next year.

  10. Stay cool and comfy and learn all you can in the time you have been given to improve and stretch your mind. Hope life is good to you.

  11. I guess I was so enthralled by the photos that I didn't notice your summer farewell. Try to stay cool! I love your blog and it is one of my absolute favorites. Not just because of your photos, but also because of you. I guess I'll have to check out your old posts to tide me over. Take care...

  12. happy summer holiday :-)

    (but please, do post from time to time!)

  13. Thanks for leaving us with such nice photos! I hope all is well with you.