April 18, 2013

Ocean’s Twelve

Ocean, if you were to give, a measure, a ferment, a fruit
of your gifts and destructions, into my hand,
I would choose your far-off repose, your contour of steel,
your vigilant spaces of air and darkness,
and the power of your white tongue,
that shatters and overthrows columns,
breaking them down to your proper purity.

From The Wide Ocean (Canto General) by Pablo Neruda


  1. indeed a wonderful sequence.
    your last three, we see clearly, the earth move
    under your wide ocean.


  2. Scrolling down through these is, somehow hypnotic... and I feel as helpless as a pebble or a sea shell...

  3. I must go down to the seas again, the lonely sea and sky...

  4. These photos bring back very early childhood memories for me. When I was in preschool my favorite book was "Black is Beautiful". Black is Beautiful was a collection of poetry and black and white photography by Anne McGovern and Hope Wurmfeld. The book left a lasting impression on me.

    A few years later they put out another book called " FEELING MAD, FEELING SAD, FEELING BAD, FEELING GLAD" The photos in this post remind me of some of Hope Wurmfeld's work.

    Check it out.

  5. What a rush!! Better than a mere eleven any day. You amaze me. Well, I don't know you personally, but your photography amazes me, so I could connect the dots (or pixels) and extrapolate...

  6. Series black and white and sea calm and beautiful.I hear sea-mew in my drawing-room :)

  7. Neruda would have been proud, i think.

    (white tongue--brilliant)

    A mesmerizing series.

  8. Hi ..;)
    I'm just finishing to edit a really colorful series of photos and it's really cool when i have open this page , the first sensation it's like a peacefull and zen "voyage" ..
    Beautiful with the poetry of Pablo Neruda..good choice..:)
    Just love this ambiance , it's perfect for me this night..:)

  9. In a nutshell, these photos are exactly why I'm glad that I live where I do. I may not see the ocean everyday, but it's always there when I need it. The ocean (and your photos of it) are hypnotic...
    Great series...

  10. First the tide rushes in
    Plants a kiss on the shore
    Then rolls out to sea
    And the sea is still once more
    So I rush to your side
    Like the oncoming tide
    With one burning thought
    Will your arms open wide
    At last we're face to face
    And as we kiss and embrace
    I can tell, I can feel
    You are love, your are real
    Really mine in the rain
    In the dark, in the sun
    Like the tide at its ebb
    I'm at peace in the web of your arms

  11. The B and W is such an interesting change and surprise for ocean shots. Very nice!

  12. I'm enjoying the cinematic quality of your recent approach to images. The black and white ocean with that low horizon line you shift about throughout the sequence. Nice work

  13. So very moody! Great series and clever title! :-)

  14. i saw these first during my travel, and i was happy to be able to see the SEA myself, with my own eyes, the Inland Sea in my case...

    i can only float here, without words, endlessly, becoming the waves, the gentle movement of the waves...