March 31, 2014

In Bloom

Taken by an amateur photographer for personal, non-commercial purposes.


  1. Beautiful images like paintings..../
    greetings from Greece and wishes for a very nice month of April!!!

  2. These images delight my soul .. it's just a beautiful symphony of incredible colors ...
    I love it .. :) ♥ All photos here are pure wonders .. :)
    great work ..♥

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!!! These look like paintings to me. Fantastic!

  4. Unreal! Like a photographic Impressionist painting. My favourite is the first one, but they are all eye candy. Such a treat for these snow-blind eyes.

  5. I love these, Stickup, and I’m with the others on the feel of an impressionist painting. The sky: how did you get those texture bumps?—don’t know the terminology. And the intensity of color! Fantastic.

    I like the first three best, each with a different take on the workers. The first and second me think of workers in cotton fields—quite a somber balance against the happiness in the brilliant colors. The third has the power of the stare from the guy in the hoodie—it’s not clearly anger or challenge, but that’s what I feel. And again, that as contrast to the pretty flowers. Just superb photos, Stickup.

  6. During the month of March
    through mid-May
    from a nutrient-rich soil,
    laying dormant, dusty and brown
    for nearly a year,
    a vibrant rainbow of color
    blossoms ruby-red
    to soft, pure white,
    as migrant workers
    hand-pluck and gather,
    stem by stem, bouquets
    of Persian Buttercups.

  7. oh my

    i have never seen such fields!!! we don't have these flowers here... i was preparing to ask about them, when i read Dee's poem and then looked for "persian buttercups"... it is indeed a magical splendour...

  8. Like a box of summer candies...

  9. Wow! These are gorgeous photos, tastefully and beautifully enhanced.
    I live pretty close to these fields. Your photos have enhanced them.

  10. On est éclaboussé de couleurs, que c'est bon après la grisaille de l'hiver...

  11. Ranaculous by the acre! I remember seeing these fields as a wee tot when we traveled back and forth between San Diego and LA. I've just never stopped to look. Of course your photos are wonderful … and you got caught shooting by that one guy lol, but I guess they're used to it?

    I want to know about the blue flowers. Blue is very difficult to achieve.