June 25, 2011


I’m taking a break from blogging for a bit. Wish I could say I was going on a vacation or doing something exciting, but I’m just going through some changes and stuff. My life is a bit murky at the moment, not all bad either, but definitely different. I’ll be back when I get things sorted out and have time to concentrate on my photography again. I’ll miss you guys and will try to stop in and comment from time to time. Have a wonderful summer!


  1. great photographs for
    your departure Stickup.

    good luck to you in your transition.
    be well.


  2. I wish you all the best...i send you all my best thoughts... just wait for your return..:o) i will coming sometimes to take a walk in your beautiful world...:o)
    I hope you have a serene and quiet summer....full of beautiful and new emotions ...
    Kisses my dear ..take care of're in my heart..:o)

  3. I hope everything works out the way you want it to. You take it easy and we'll be around...

  4. Life comes before blogging...

    We all know how much time blogging requires, if one tries to keep up blogging correspondence with any number of other blogs... life cannot always allow us to spare that kind of time...

    We will miss your beautiful work, until you come back, if you can, I hope you will, but only when it feels right to do so... In the meanwhile, we can always go back and look through your back posts... There is a certain Ass I'm going to be visiting again. And will be wondering if yours is related to the famous Modestine from Stevenson's book.

    Am hoping all turns out ok for you, and come back soon !

  5. Happy Trails! May the force be with you! We'll miss you in the meanwhile!

  6. Those first two shots are incredible... and you leave now! But poetry will be with you where ever you go (this is not optional). Likewise, you've left a trace (like a perfume) as a guide for those who want to follow you. It's amazing how strong a few molecules of a scent can be. Though fog, mist and cloud... some bonds resist every attempt at being broken.

  7. Enjoy your break, I will miss your beautiful work and look forward to your return. xx

  8. The grubby worm to magnificent butterfly shuffle can cut into one's social photobloglife big time...

    We are thankful that you are not limestone trying to become marble. That would be along wait for your return.

    Happy Trails, Stickup!

  9. This is such a clever post! Love all shots. I will surely miss your amazing photos but I wish you enjoy your break and hope to see you soon. Stay well, Stickup Artist.

  10. oh come back soon, i am addicted. i wish i could say something clever and poetic now, but all i seem able to do is to give you a strong, endless hug (if only i could!)...

    (i adore the haze here and then the sudden clarity and precision of stones which cuts through it, as if announcing the birth of new life, the shaping of new worlds)

  11. Life comes into and goes out of focus, gets smooth then goes all grainy. Even though it's all digital these days, it still involves going into the dark room from time to time and turning on the red "do not enter" light.
    I hope that looking at things in a new light will bring you the clarity needed and that you re-emerge inspired and energized, whenever the time feels right.

    WV: spedly
    past tense of speedy, as in "she made a spedly recovery"
    Which is what I wish you. xo

  12. I'll miss you and your forever searching eyes that give me a view of the world I wouldn't otherwise have. The images in this post are a great metaphor for the uncertainty during a transformation and the need for a touchstone during the process. Take care. I look forward to seeing you back in cyberspace.

  13. Whoa, the last photo stopped me in my tracks. Great soft look.

    Oh no, I will miss you. I hope things are okay, nothing hurtful for you to go through. Whatever it is, you are certainly cared about way out here in Nebraska.

  14. Perfect shots! I can relate and I hope you come back soon but that's because I always look forward to your photos and comments. You have such a wonderful talent. I wish you the best!

  15. I will be thinking of you and hoping that all is well.
    Have a great refreshing time!


  16. A true artist sees the world as it really is, but to live a lifetime with the absurd (with no illusions) haunting both our dreams and our most sun-filled days is heroic . . . be well, my artist friend, you will be missed. Love, Dee

  17. Will miss you and your images... hope your metamorphasing goes as you wish, see u soon Stickup Artist!

  18. Hi there!
    You're having a break too :)
    I'm so happy to have time for real life, still a lot to do at home.
    This has been a good summer so far!
    yours as well I hope...enjoy!

  19. I hope that soon again're publishing works as good as these and to solve these little problems you mention. A hug and even the back!

  20. Hi Stickup! I just wanted to say hello and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  21. The amazing photos tell much. I hope your heart tells you all the rest during your blogging break.

    Be well and know that you are heartily missed.