January 5, 2011

Snow on the Chaparral

Early Monday I had some free time so I drove to Lytle Creek because it's close and secluded. When I left home it was sunny and in the mid 60's (fahrenheit). One freeway exit and fifteen minutes later, I drove into the canyon and it was covered in snow! I wasn't prepared and was only able to shoot from the road. I guess I was kind of blocking traffic because the Park Rangers came along and chased me off. So I returned home, grabbed my hiking boots and some warm clothes, drove back, and set out on foot.


  1. Thank goodness for warm hiking boots to get you into places where you can find such beautiful images to thrill us all with...

    That Sgt T must be quite a guy !

    Crazy that you can go so fast from 60's temperature to thick snow...

    Funny, we commented almost simultaneously over at Dee's place just now. What an excellent video he posted... can't wait to see more of that discussion.

    Be well L.

  2. The crispness of your images almost melts the snow.

  3. I am so happy that you are able to find comfort with the Asolo Gore-Tex waterproof boots.

    They will enable you to go further with purpose, climbing new elevations to seize those moments so that you can share them with us.

    It is quite the feeling.

    I like seeing your new images, and the first image was just beautiful with so much details.

    It is almost hard to believe that this was taken just minutes from home, Impressive.

    I would have never noticed the snow, not from where I standing. So beautiful.

  4. snow!!! i wasn't expecting to see this in the wild wild west, i thought it never snowed over there?!

    i love all of them, the crystal clear silence of the snow-befallen world always touches me so deeply... and the last image is simply breathtaking, it cuts right to the essence of snow, that impossible, cold purity...

  5. Congratulations on breaking in your new hiking boots on such a worthwhile excursion into the snowy reaches of San Bernardino County!

    In France the temps and weather conditions are wildly variable within a short distance, depending upon the time of day and the season. Thus, I find it wise and convenient to carry a variety of clothing options in the trunk of the car--umbrellas, anoraks, boots, T-shirts, you name it, you need it...

    Oh, she's hotter than the 31st of August
    And colder than a February morn'
    So I always wear a T-shirt and a jacket
    Just in case that woman's runnin' not or cold

  6. "hot" or cold, not "not" or cold...

  7. Absolutely wonderful and enchanting shots. Glad you went home and geared up and returned to get these! It is so hypnotic to wander about in such land!

  8. Good for you to have the gumption to go home and get warm clothes and boots and go back and by golly enjoy the scenery and capture it in your beautiful photos.

  9. It's good you have proper shoes. Slippers are not good enough :)

    That is so little snow if you compare what they have in Helsinki, almost one meter!
    But your shots are amazing as always...
    ps. we don't know yet where we're going to move...

  10. Astonishing – stunning photos. Your composition continues to be impressive. You are gifted!

  11. Wow, such clear photos and so crisp you can almost feel the stuff!! Magical moments captured masterfully, well done!

  12. That is what I like about Los Angeles. In one hour you can snowboard then come back down to the beach.
    Gorgeous shots!

  13. What sublime wintriness... i especially like the first one (i would live there if i were a snow elf)

  14. What a fantastic surprise you must have had. No wonder why you came back, I would have done the same. Awesome shots in white, great work as usual!

  15. These are excellent snow shots! The snow in the bottom photo looks so, ah well cool. I went out in the snow today but it was about 29F and the light was not as good as your photos. I envy you because I don't have boots or shoes for cold weather or tangled wilderness.
    Have a great weekend!

  16. Fabulous! We don't get this kind of snow where I live, we actually don't get snow at all!! Only up north and not for a very long time either.... These are really wonderful you obviously had a good day in your new boots.

  17. Well, first of all, I had never heard the word 'chaparral in any phrase that did not begin with 'High' and relate to a 1960s Western TV series! So thanks for clearing that up! As for the photos - wonderful as usual! Happy New Year to you!

  18. You're a happy camper and we are DELIGHTED viewers!

  19. Wow, you can just feel your eyes working when you look at those, especially the top one.

  20. The jewels of the winter .. bright, sparkling, pure and white.. diamonds of sky ....
    winter blanketed the forest with its white coat snow and it's beautiful .... but birds wait for spring .... like me..:o)
    thanks for your visit...and your kind words..
    see you soon..:o)
    take care of you

  21. Nice photos in the snow! Not always easy!