August 18, 2010

Salvage Yard Frescoes

Salvage yards in these parts are a common site. They're everywhere. Often people's homes have yards that resemble a salvage yard. What caught my eye at this salvage yard was the graffiti. Not mere tagging but quality graffiti. Lucky for me the gate to the yard was opened so I drove right in and parked. There was no sign of life except the sound of electric saws cutting metal and an old junkyard dog who steered clear of me, so I had a free run at the place. Most of the artwork was signed by an artist going by the name Zebra.


  1. whoa, clever! Some people are really talented eh? I wish the gobshite who scribbles on our fence would do more work like this instead!! :-)

  2. What a trip deep into the depths of the junkyard ! Surprising that the dog wasn't more protective... lucky for you ! Most junkyard dogs are ferocious...

    I wonder what the story is with the fleur-de-lys in that one image ??? A secret royalist running loose in California ? Colorful in any case...

  3. Well look at that, Saj & I both slipped in here at exactly 8:53... how's that for synchronicity ???

  4. Hi Sagittarian,

    They sure are! Sounds like you have a tagger lose in the hood. That sucks cause that stuff is ugly. I hope you catch em in the act. Now, time for that drink...

  5. Hey there Owen,

    I guess you're back at the grind after your fabulous vacation. It's good to have you back though I'm sure you'd rather be roaming the land with your camera.

    The fleur-de-lys is quite a common symbol in contemporary graphics here in the states. Often seen on hip t-shirts of very trendy designers. Like the cross, skull, etc.

    You guys really must have been related in another lifetime or something!

  6. It's great that you took the time to record those pieces of renegade public art for posterity. I love the colors and the graphics and you photos do them both justice.

    You'll have to come to France with a fast shutter speed and catch some of the stuff that is stretched in every direction along the train lines surrounding Paris.

  7. Wow! This is artists pleasure spot... amazing sight! I love the van:) Fantastic colours all around.We have soooo much graffiti going on here in Lisbon but unfortunately in the wrong places! I really enjoy good graffiti but all the tagging really gets my nerves going....

  8. I don't see this as vandalistic tagging, but as the work of a clearly accomplished graffiti artist. And to have a whole junk yard as his gallery must have been quite the opportunity.

    Really great shots!

  9. This place is just unbelievable! As I understand it, it is private, right? What a fantastic collection of graffiti art! Fantastic post!

  10. Wow! So much energy and jazzed colours! The perfect "gallery" for such art. What a find. You're just the one to do justice to photographing the work, too.

    I didn't know about the fleur de lys being a common motif amongst graphic artists in the States. Maybe it started with some Quebecker running amok on his 'nationalistic' (Quebec being officially designated a 'distinct society') pride. (The fleur-de-lys is the symbol on the Quebec flag, repeated 4 times around a cruciform.)

    You do come across some intriguing places and eye-popping sights in your ramblings.

  11. to walk into a place like this one would want to spend hours. the work is amazing, you compositions as well.

    thank you for sharing
    lucky you for being there.


  12. Wow, no malicious tagging here . . . this artist is clearly talented. The photographer ain't bad either.

  13. Thanks Costea! You sure couldn't help but notice them in the earth-toned terrain.

    Hi Pliers,

    I couldn't help but pull in with all that color screaming at me! I hope I can make it to France soon!

    Thank you Joanne,

    I liked the vans best too! I know what you mean. There is a time and place for everything and sometimes taggers really make a mess of things.

    Hey Myth,

    My sentiments exactly!

    Hi JM,

    Yes. This is a private business and it would have been impossible given the amount and scale of the graffiti for it to have been created without the owner's permission. This is a good example of a collaboration of business and art. Glad you enjoyed this post!

    Thank you Louciao,

    I thought you might enjoy this! I am thrilled everyone picked up on the fleur-de-lys and thought you'd all be amused and interested in that design element.

    Thank you Robert,

    Yes! I was there until the heat got too intense and was lucky no one saw or bothered about me. The small spaces I had to wedge into and around made a lot of the shots difficult so I'm happy you found the compositions pleasing.

    Thanks Dee!

    That is a very kind thing to say.

  14. Hello...:o)
    Thank you for this colored glance...
    I like very much tags and graffiti and I like to think that in thousand years the walls of our metropoles will be covered with colors..
    A means to fight against the grey which flood souls..
    And then that also gives a place has artists who or would stay in the shade...
    I also wanted to thank you for your kind words on my blog.. it is a big pleasure to read to you..
    I return as quickly as possible I am happy to have met you..
    Your previous comments are magnificent I liked to much the series reflections ..:o)
    I send you the most beautiful flowers of my small garden....
    Kiss from France..

  15. Dear Clo,

    You are so sweet! It is a pleasure to receive your flowers as you can see, I don't have too many growing around here! It has been a pleasure to meet you as well. I agree about the color and the "artists in the shade." I think the owner of this salvage yard must be as interesting and unique as the artist and found the entire site to be remarkable. I'm so glad you did as well.

    I sincerely hope you can find a little time to yourself to continue to cultivate your exquisite flowers!

  16. That is almost too much in one place. What a riot of color.

  17. Hi TechnoBabe,

    You can say that again. And I think I only am showing about half of it here!

  18. Wow... I wonder how many cans of spray paint that is. I love the bright colors, but the designs - I can't imagine creating anything on that scale!

    Thanks for exploring and getting these great photos!

  19. Thanks Amy,

    Me either. I've been wondering if the artist sketches these out or if they just do them freestyle? Hopefully I'll pass by one day and catch em in the act!