March 4, 2013

Rings of Time


  1. Mesmerizing mandalas. Gorgeous. Could lose myself in their beauty.

  2. These are wonderful images, Stickup. I work with wood, of course. And every piece has had a certain holiness to it. I study its grain. I study its color. The years it lived, and so on. I revere trees. I pay homage to them. Thanks for these images. dan

  3. Great idea for a series. I'm a sucker for wood, and I have no formal training in the visual arts, so in that context I have to wonder: how much abstract art created by humans is as appealing and compelling as these patterns? Add in the theme of time and I think you've got your major gravitas a goin'. (And by the way, don't you see faces--maybe cats--in the first two photos?).

  4. Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak count rings on a redwood in Hitchcock's Vertigo.

  5. It was July in Switzerland
    when they gathered
    at the Villa Diodati
    by Lake Geneva
    to tell each other tales.

    The rain and pall of darkness
    would inspire Lord Byron
    to write a poem
    and Mary Shelley to write
    of a modern Prometheus.

    While Argentina declared
    independence from Spain,
    the “dry fog” persisted in New England,
    dimming the sunlight to such an extent
    that sunspots were visible to the naked eye.

    The entire Northern Hemisphere
    from the Kankakee to the Yangtze
    experienced catastrophic crop failure
    and wide spread famine,
    leaving no tree-ring evidence
    of the year without a summer.

    As always, these photos are evidence of your eye for the extraordinary . . .

  6. Hello :)
    A good idea , your photos are really wonderful..and i like the choice of your tittle too..:)
    Superb work..:)

  7. Brilliant! Gorgeous set of rings of time. Wonderful textures!

  8. Excellent. I hardly know where to begin but to reiterate - you are my favorite blog nature photographer. This series is superb. Now enough talk - I want to sit back and enjoy your work

  9. WOW, I love these shots!
    How are you?
    Happy intl women's day!

  10. Bonjour
    Series tree interesting.

  11. Love the textures and colors! It looks like each tree has it's own fingerprint...
    Really nice photos...

  12. Very nice. Instead of the Milky Way, the Woody Way!

  13. If these were paintings hanging in some museum they would be worth thousands. Nothing can replicate the organic beauty of nature!

  14. Beautifully captured. I love the textures and colors!

  15. "My mother once said to me, “When one sees the tree in leaf, one thinks the beauty of the tree is in the leaves, and then one sees the bare tree.”
    Samuel Menashe

    the bare tree! the Essence of the Tree of Life...