February 11, 2013



My soul is like the oar that momently
Dies in a desperate stress beneath the wave,
Then glitters out again and sweeps the sea:
Each second I’m new-born from some new grave.

Sidney Lanier


  1. Wonderful mind-boggling to think about. It is so majestic and bigger than me. It is quite humbling to think that I will live and die and these things will live after me. I am not so big after
    all, in fact, I am quite small.

  2. Lanier lived such a full and prolific life to die so young with consumption . . . this poem says so much about the kind of man he was. These photos say so much about the woman you are.

  3. Even the reflections are primordial reminders of our stony past.

    I like the image of the oar, surfacing from the depths, probably to whisper some ancient secret.

  4. I like Lanier's idea. As corny as it sounds, each day is a new birth, a chance to start over. Primordial, yes. I also think of 2001 Space Odyssey, and Stonehenge, and and other planets--other tough-looking landscapes. Applause to you for including that bit of water and reflection at bottom left; it adds a softening, forgiving effect and really makes the photos. Of course it's also where we were born, in the primordial soup, to get back to Lanier.

  5. I could "see" a dinosaur heading into the picture. You never cease to amaze me; you have such a good connection with what your eyes see, your photos have an oomph and life all their own.

  6. Great poem and amazing photos! I am truly lucky to live in the area. Sometimes, I take it for granted...

  7. and i feel new-born with each of your posts... this seems like a big thing to say, and such a compliment, but i wish you wouldn't consider it as such - rather, an attempt to tell you what i feel when i look at your landscapes, every time i enter a bond with the vastness of the world, something primaeval, indeed, stirs within me... and this makes me humble and so grateful...

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Love both the place and your shots. Great post!

  9. lovely lovely lovely . Others would do well to follow your lead. You are the one person who uses black as a backdrop to your images, but instead of white jarring text - you tone it down to silver. It makes viewing the image so much easier on the eye. And Like me, you don't use a template that has advertising on the side (hate that). If this had been around when I started five years ago, I would have stayed with Blogger