June 12, 2012


When you hear the splash
Of the water drops that fall
Into the stone bowl,
You will feel that all the dust
Of your mind is washed away.

 ~ Zen Tea Master, Sen-No-Rikyu


  1. Put water into a cup
    It becomes the cup
    Put water into a teapot
    It becomes the teapot
    Water can flow,
    Creep, drip or crash
    Become water, my friend

    – Bruce Lee

  2. Sen-No-Rikyu
    have hit the nail right on the head.
    it is water that takes us to other places, lets us just be.

    your images take me just there.


  3. Quite amazing and beautiful. Life goes on around us, and then goes on without us.

  4. Lovely images.

    But, I'll take my water in a basin, thank you very much. No ocean waves for me except as viewed from a secure site on land...

  5. A wonderful post ,
    I specially like the transparency and the colours of the water in the first photo ...perfect timing to take this beautiful moment..we can feel the strength of wind and the smell of the sea..
    And the words you choose are perfect to..
    Send you my best thoughts..
    Bye friend..♥

  6. Magnific wave for surfing :)

  7. The colors in that first shot with the light filtering through that wave are positively gorgeous. Water can certainly take us away, and wash away many of the stresses we face in daily life. I'm hoping we can build a small pool/fountain area with koi when we finally put in our patio on the east side of the house, where we can watch the sun rise over the prairie every single day!

  8. I like that quotation! Ocean love is new to me in the last seven years, but now that I'm near it for awhile, once a year, I completely get the mystery, charm, danger, the many moods.

  9. That first wave is awesome!Beautiful combination of colours.

  10. Even the word 'Splash!' is quite refreshing now that summer has arrived. And I would love to splash that girl in the second photo and have her splash me back! : )

  11. All the bright color and bit of blur in the second photo are eye grabbers. The color palate is Matissee-ee. I also admire the green of the wave against that prussian blue sea

  12. I just want to dive into those brilliant colours! Not the water, mind you--just the colours. Fabulous capture of the wave in that last photo: it's as if every little droplet posed for its portrait.

  13. Very pretty photos (as always) I LOVE the colors in the first wave.

  14. Nice shots! I especially love the top photo. The way the light and colors work together is so beautiful.

  15. P.S. I like both ocean shots in 1 and 3, but I think 1 wins. It has all the sharpness of detail and compelling color display of 3, but there's also that very dramatic, luminescent, intense, iridescent (how many more adjectives can I find?) transparency in the aqua rise of the wave.

    I'm still deciding about #2. The blur adds interest, but it also distracts from a very nice female form. Is the blur giving more than it takes away?

  16. Naturally i thought of Bobby Darin, then Jobim--all those cross-sensual pleasures (taking sight and repackaging it as song). Or, better yet, repackaging energy as life.

  17. i am with Lynne here, yes, diving into these colours, oh

  18. Hoping you were able to dive right in after taking these lovely shots...

  19. I hope that is you watching the water and you had some time to enjoy your spot in the sand.