November 23, 2011


This year was kind of rough but even so, I still have so much for which to be grateful. And I want to extend my gratitude to all of you who have visited, left comments, sent emails, and shared so generously your uplifting and inspiring personal and artistic journeys. Thank You!

May you always walk in Beauty.
~ Navajo Blessing


  1. OMG!
    This photo series is a tour de force! You have such an incredible eye and sense of composition. I don't know how to pick a favorite! They are stunning!

    I am quite thankful to be knowing you too, in this blog world. You seem some abstract part of my daily life! Stay safe...stay happy!

  2. Fantastic job, a great approach and a colorful spectacular. Congratulations! A big hug.

  3. Naturally, i can only speak for myself, but i am grateful for your reverberating presence. You walk in beauty. Hardship often strengthens character-- this is not a wish, but rather, an eternal truth.

  4. i have just aquired highspeed tonight since i have moved back to cape breton in septemember.
    you are the first one i am contacting.

    your work has inspired me so much, your stories have been equal to your vision.


  5. I for one certainly feel that I reap many benefits each time I visit your blog. Your photos never fail to engage and delight me, and amaze me with your skill. The words you choose to accompany the images provide enriching gifts for mind and soul.

    Each time I come here, I am walking in beauty, and for this I am truly grateful.

  6. This series is simply beautiful! I'm so glad I met you. Hugs and wishing you the best.

  7. Une serie qui s'accorde très bien.

  8. These combinations of brilliance and more subtle, often brown forms of natural beauty have been grabbing me by the eyeballs lately too. Really nice! I'm too late on the scene to know about difficulties in your year, but I hope things are turning around. At least you know how to find some solace in the natural world. I wonder how many people do these days.

  9. Were your ears warm yesterday?

    I was telling a friend about how thankful I am to have you in my life. I know there are quite a number of us who are faithful viewers of your Blog who feel this way.

    These photos like so many before them are stunning. As always the subject matter, composition and color captured by your vision and intellect leave me in awe . . . with an overwhelming feeling of reverence and admiration.

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  11. Thanks to you for all those gifts....
    Harmony ,poetry,beauty,colors, and clever comments ,we can feel in your creations your powerful love for the nature... it's a real and deep communication between you and us..
    i appreciate each visits i can have here..
    Wish you a nice and soft weekend..

    kisses ..♥

  12. Is it wood shavings in the photo? I am so amazed at your photography and I relate to your Native American quotes and information.

    So sorry you have been having a rough year. You bring joy an inspiration to others, so I wish you to receive as good as you give.

  13. I'm trying to figure out what plant drops magenta colored leaves (and on pine needles?) Intrigued....

    I'm a fan of the micro and these are delicious

  14. I would if this was where I walked!
    Love these images more than I can say.

  15. I would hang all four on my wall. Outstanding patterns and colours! Great work.

  16. What a beautiful series of images to accompany your acknowledgment of gratitude in the waning year. I'm especially fond of image #2.

    Since it hasn't killed you, I can only imagine that it has made you stronger--that rough year... But, if not, or if you have your doubts, hang in until 31 Jan 2011 and celebrate like hell the coming of a brand new year's worth of impending images by the Stickup Artist.


  17. All we have to do is open our eyes and see all the beautiful things around us. Or under us...
    Very nice!