November 5, 2011

November Rain


  1. Yep! Rain rain rain..... it has finally arrived:( I love the last shot!

  2. ah, indeed november - and those rain-saturated colours of the grass, such bleakness and yet softness and longing...
    you make me love november.

  3. Rain is always so contemplative. It seems to mirror our thoughts, on the pavement, in a window frame... even droplets of water on lanky grass and timid flowers seem to draw us into deep introspection.

  4. The telephone poles and the lines going here and there so eclipsed by the dynamic and amorphous non-linear laws of nature laid down upon us.....the telephone poles become pitiful sticks in the ground, the lines, our childish scrawl...we think we matter, but we are not much at all.....

  5. Oh... I LOVE your third shot with the red berries and sienna colored grass... excellent!

  6. Hey, that looks like my backyard! The farmers are smiling like you wouldn't believe.

  7. What a great contrast on the third shot, the colours are gorgeous! The bottom shot is fantastic, love the droplets on the wind shield and the car with lights on. Great photo. Gladly, the sun is back here.

  8. That third image looks like it's a beautiful painting. I envy your talent, any photo I ever take in the rain always turns out dull, flat and dreary - you must have some magic fairy-dust trapped between your lens..?

  9. I love these shots even though they seem sad. Very powerful images and I l like rain. Now I have the Guns N' Roses song stuck in my head. :)

  10. Every time
    You touch a deeper place
    Connections connecting
    Like we are there with you
    Ten thousand miles away
    You erase that distance
    You let us see it all
    Like you saw it
    No beating around the bush
    Just the roads the rain
    The rocks the brush
    Signs we might have seen
    In a long forgotten dream
    Car driving by
    Carrying someone
    We might have known
    Long ago
    You bring it all home
    Whispering a message
    Whispering "look
    This is it
    Here and now"
    Each drop of rain
    On the windshield
    Tells its tale
    And the road goes on
    Into a deeper distance

  11. Rain can be so refreshing, and yet so dreary at the color in the third picture.
    Also, catching up, great photos in the post below!


  12. I really like the view in the bottom pic. Rain is cleansing and refreshing.

  13. The top photo is so stark, it's almost brutal.

  14. Great shots, driving lights and masterfully details. It is difficult to obtain these results with these weather conditions. A hug!

  15. Great snaps! I love the rain... You really caught the feel of it!

  16. The composition in that first photograph is masterful. But, more than that (as Dan describe it) the lines leave us reflecting on our significance as a species.

  17. I didn't know 3 more were coming after I loved the top one, and it might still be my favorite, with the lines just a little different from what most would expect. Add in the low angle and the criss-cross of power lines, and there's just enough complication added to a nice (is it?) rain.

    I also like the other 3 a lot, esp. #2.

    I just found you, at -K-'s place. I'll be back. Nice work here.

  18. Sorry, I have to add that, for me, the rain in #1 is doing precisely the right thing to the asphalt. I love that kind of road, and it's hard to imagine a better presentation of it.

  19. Love those shots, am a sucker for the rain and love a good storm too (as long as I'm safe and relatively warm!!)

  20. Pretty. This is what I love about November. It's a beautiful month. Just curious, is your title from Guns N'Roses?

  21. Wow, it's been so long since I've visited... love, love these shots. Are you using a fish eye lens for some of them? They're fantasticly beautiful.

  22. I just keep on driving up and down this highway of yours, looking at the pictures, soaking up the atmosphere, revelling in the raindrop-diamond accents, the jewel tones of the lights and the subdued hues of the pavement, skies and mountains that all hang together in their moodiness. Natural and manmade all enhanced by the weather and by your magic lens through which to view them.

  23. Fantastic shots !!
    whether you added a texture or... just the effect of photographing through the window screen, makes a cool shot !! love it !