September 13, 2011

When Birds Come Back

These are the days when Birds come back —
A very few — a Bird or two —
To take a backward look.

These are the days when skies resume
The old — old sophistries of June —
A blue and gold mistake.

Oh fraud that cannot cheat the Bee —
Almost thy plausibility
Induces my belief.

Till ranks of seeds their witness bear —
And softly thro' the altered air
Hurries a timid leaf.

Oh Sacrament of summer days,
Oh Last Communion in the Haze —
Permit a child to join.

Thy sacred emblems to partake —
They consecrated bread to take
And thine immortal wine!

~ Emily Dickenson

Check out bird photos by other bloggers at Pine River Review hosted by Springman.


  1. Great words and photos!
    Crystal clear...
    Hope you are doing well!

  2. Great photos to accompany these thoughtful words....


  3. Smashing post! The quiet, sublime words of Emily Dickinson were never better illustrated. She would be pleased. Brilliantly conceived!

  4. Oh ! I am so happy you found your way to the Pine River...

    Mr Springman is a blogger of rare intelligence, searingly heartfelt emotions in every piece he puts together with pure love for language and image, images that just explode with the glory of... birds and nature...

  5. Beautiful birds and your photos are a great commentary on Emily Dickinson's words.

  6. beyond lovely, and with that utterly stunning colour mastery of yours! i love the subtle way in which the bee is not clearly visible but only the flower, like this the bee seems to be almost out of this world, the flower's dream of love and honey...

  7. As always, great photos!

    Have you read or heard of the book 'Lives Like Loaded Guns'? It was written by Lyndall Gordon about the connection between Emily Dickinson and Mabel Todd, the woman who both tore Dickinson's family apart with a torrid affair with Emily's married brother and who also edited and made Dickinson's poetry famous.

  8. Wonderful bird close-ups...I love the irridescence of the plumage...

  9. Great captures!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  10. The prism-like effect (refracted light) on the first photo is quite remarkable. I'm certain that the horizontal lines are de-focused leaves of grass, and now I'm wondering if this is what Whitman had in mind.

  11. I just love the backgrounds in all of your magical work. They are almost as riveting as your subject matter. The chosen text is a delightful bonus. Thank you.

  12. This is my first visit here via World Bird Wednesday.

    I love how you have captured the magical feather luminescence on these birds. The images are beautiful!


  13. Fantastic captures! All shots are absolutely beautiful, great post.

  14. No one writes quite like Emily Dickinson. This is beautiful, the words and the pictures. Do you lay on the ground to get the shots of the birds?

  15. These photos are splendid and I love the poem!

  16. Perfect words to go with these amazing pictures! I love the light and the beautiful colors! I also love the way you capture the bee in flight. Wonderful post!

  17. Almost like having a bird in the hand, and definitely worth at least two in the bush! The iridescence that you caught in their! Oh yes, and I definitely got a buzz from the bee picture.

  18. These birds look like they have attitude - concentrating on the hunt. As always, love your perspective and pairing of poetry - sublime. :D

  19. This is an exquisite post! What a beautiful way to keep summer for as long as we can, but to recognize that it is on its way out. I am filled with sadness now...but a bittersweet kind of sadness.

  20. I'm so impressed by quality bird photography. Patience, talent, dedication... you've really mastered the art.

    I'll go straight back to have a longer look. All are gorgeous.

  21. Those birds in photo one and six look like they have paua shell on them, so beautiful!

  22. Some take very nice with excellent sharpness. I like the birds at home we have a pigeon as a pet, they are very intelligent and beautiful. ~ A hug.

  23. yours birds are marvelous !!! thank you for the pine river review :-) owen told me about it as well :-)

  24. I just want to say you how i love these specially beautiful photos..Birds are the wind messengers..for me they are the perfect symbol of freedom...
    The bokeh in the first one is really fantastic...
    Artistic and poetic exhibition..thanks to share ..:)