May 16, 2011

What a Jackass!


  1. Wow! Awesome! I looks as if I could reach over and pull his hair. The texture and colors are amazing!

  2. Well now I've got to clean my computer screen big time because I was trying to pet that gorgeously textured ass! It really looks like a touchy-feely picture--in the best possible sense. There used to be a donkey in our county (there are definitely a lot of asses, but they're a breed of another sort) and his name really was Jack. I put him in one of my paintings.

    It's such a treat to see an ass like that!

  3. Fabulous treatment of great shots. Love them!

  4. Hey ! He's back !

    I'm in heaven !

    The world's in a morass

    But thankfully you bring us more ass !


  5. Talk about Bed Head!

    Great shot, it like this was a paid model with such a great pose rich in character. LoL

  6. Beautiful. I especially love #2 in the diptych!

  7. Fantastic shots! If I remember I might ask you for permission to post one come closer to election time (I am a donkey by registration).

    I would love to own a donkey, but that is not likely to be.

    (word verification is "unking" If the lion is the king of beasts, is the donkey the unking? :)

  8. Two good pictures of that ass, with a good processing.
    Greetings .-

  9. Hello friend..
    One of my favorite animal on this planet.
    Your photos are simply wonderful...but something hurts my heart, it looks so so a prisonner..i don't like to see animals in captivity...cruel human world...:o(
    but it's like that..
    I love these portraits..:o)
    I send you my best thoughts...

  10. They are fabulous! Congratulations, I like the processing is amazing! Dan wanted to pet the donkey and release of the wire!

  11. Didn't Shakespeare write a play about donkeys ???

    Title : Ass You Like It

    Am loving these asses again on second visit...

  12. LOL at Owen's Shakespeare play!
    These are just fantastic! James just took the words out of my mouth. Great work. What a cute little 'face', especially on the bottom shot! :-)

  13. What a sweet little jackass, Stickup! He truly is adorable, and the clarity and colors make these photos superb! xxox

  14. And I think you may be on the brink of starting a new branch of spiritually oriented pseudo-science here... we can call it :


    I'll be your first convert, you won't have to assk me twice !

  15. Mark Twain wrote in Pudd'nhead Wilson, "There is no character, howsoever good and fine, but it can be destroyed by ridicule, howsoever poor and witless. Observe the ass, for instance: his character is about perfect, he is the choicest spirit among all the humbler animals, yet see what ridicule has brought him to. Instead of feeling complimented when we are called an ass, we are left in doubt."

    Stickup, great photos!

  16. Gosto mais da foto de baixo.


  17. Concerning your comment over at my place, I wouldn't really know anything about being fantassticaly hilariass (you are too funny!), but in fact, I think you should addrass any quasstions you have on the subject to Dominique Strass-Kahn in his new residence on a posh island in NYC, I think he is now recognized ass an assiduous expert in the fields of Asstrology and Asstronomy, yes, if you send him some quasstions, without making any assumptions, I'm sure you will be able to asscertain what the truth is about this whole assault story... what a catasstrophy (should take the "trophy" out of that word!)...

    Ah, we live in a strange world, and it keeps getting stranger... May have to join an association of asstronauts, and start looking for a way out of here...

    PS WV is "unmen" : a subhuman group of male hominids who cannot behave themselves in the presence of a woman.

  18. Your photos could have been bland and fairly boring, you've turned them to fairy tale material. I would expect anything to happen to that donkey, it's the start to a great adventure I'm sure.
    Travel to Syria with a Magic Lantern perhaps?