March 22, 2011

Misty Mountain

Mount Zhongnan

The Tai Yi peak
is near the capital of Heaven.
Its range stretches
all the way to the coast.
As I look back,
the white clouds are close in.
As I look close up,
the blue mists suddenly disappear.
The middle ridge divides into
two ever-changing sceneries.
On dark or clear days
each valley has a different view.
Wanting to put up
at some one's place for the night,
I ask a woodcutter
on the other side of the stream.

~ by Wang Wei, Translated by Edward C. Chang


  1. Oh, you sorceress you ! Each time I come here your spell grows stronger. Some day I will get lost in one of your photos and never come out. Sort of like going into Narnia through a wardrobe.

    Thought a little music could go with these misty mountains...

    Ok, sorry, a bit obvious...

  2. Your photos bring memories of my growing up years as you know and now the quotes and poetry and folklore you share along with your top notch photos have made me a lifetime fan.
    You know how sometimes words are just so meaningful that a person cannot even describe what happens when the words are read and digested and held close to the heart.

  3. Like Owen i get lost in your work.
    The fourth photo takes me very far out there.

    Thank you for sharing your work Stickup.


  4. I would love a deep breath of that air! Wonderful images, Stickup. It is as though the clouds are caressing the earth....healing touches.

  5. "The world is too much with us...."

  6. my heart is silenced with beauty - awe.

  7. Your landscapes are very beautiful, we had to exchange residence for a few weeks, lol! I let the sea and your mountain! Beautifull these pics with the fog increases its magic. Besos!

  8. I am so intrigued by the second shot... The contrast of the mountains seems to be unreal! This is just fabulous, what a shot!

  9. It is a paradox that we ofen see more clearly in the mist, as we fill in the spaces with what we most desiderate. Mist is nature's version of what we call dreams.

  10. There may be nothing more poetic than when a mountain touches the heavens and is forced to contend with the elements – when the snow and rain and mist are able to reveal the mysteries that are normally hidden from view by the stark light of day. A true artist is someone who is able to capture what lies beneath the surface so that we may connect the missing links and understand who we really are.

  11. I've been there, in my dreams this week. Having fever and sore stomach (from the medicine I got for my arm) - I've been almost in heaven, in deep woods this first day up...
    Beautiful shots my friend...Have a good weekend!

  12. Your photos are visual poetry! But the words you choose to go with them add another dimension which is wonderful to contemplate as well. Stunning explorations.

  13. An other world...a fairy tale with misty mornings...
    A song of healing for me...thanks.
    My soul floating in soft dreams now...
    Magical moment..:o)

  14. Beautiful compositions! The mist brings even more magic and mystery to your wonderful photos.