December 6, 2010

Winter's Approach

Cold Mountain is a house
Without beams or walls.
The six doors left and right are open
The hall is blue sky.
The rooms all vacant and vague
The east wall beats on the west wall
At the center nothing.

- Han Shan, 750
Translated by Red Pine


  1. If you continue to create such wanton, stunning, stark, magnificent beauty, we may have to have you locked up, for it must be nearly criminal to create such a terrible sense of longing in people who are far away, but who would love to step right into your photographs and touch these places.

    Yep, you are hearby sentenced to fifty years at hard labor... doing more of this sort of work...

    There's no turning back, nor turning aside now...

  2. Perfect title for these photos. A couple of them seem almost 3D. I like your creativity.

  3. These are majestic perspectives. Makes one feel small, and rightly so!

  4. "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.

    --Roy Batty, Blade Runner

    So, what kind of footwear are you sporting on your reconnaissance missions to Cold Mountain and its brethern?

    There's not much that can inspire homesickness in me, but you managed to get it up on the wall today!

    Beautiful work.

  5. Words are inadequate . . . to walk with you within one of your compositions would be the most nearly perfect experience.

  6. Beautiful.............

    We have more snow in Helsinki! :)

  7. The textures and sharp detail of your photos are incredible. They're the textured equivalent of scratch and sniff--I feel I could rub my hand over the surface of my computer screen and experience the feel of every shrub, tree, leaf, blade of grass, rock. The last photo is like a've captured Mother Nature as Artist and done her proud.

  8. This place is like a huge theater .. against which we should feel very small ..
    we would like to become an eagle and discover at a glance the greatness of the show ..
    your pictures take us into another dimension of life .. one that opens doors, through walls, which make us aware that we have an extraordinary opportunity to live on this wonderful blue planet ..
    your pictures are amazing beauty ..
    thank you to you

  9. How wonderful it is to see the first snow, wow. I really like the way that you are able to share this with us and how you are to capture the light below the clouds. Wonderful.

  10. Ditto what everyone else has said....I am really going to have to get out of bed earlier to get in a good comment before everyone else!

  11. Owen seems to have taken the words out of my mouth. This sequence ending with ice is outstanding! What an amazing post!

  12. The San Bernardino Mountains as seen through your lens is heavenly. I did not think I would ever miss CA but sometimes when I see your photos I remember what I left behind. I can't even find appropriate words to tell you how gorgeous these photos are.

  13. LOL to Owen's commment!

    Your fourth photo is particularly stunning because of the dark cloud and amazing haze under the distant line of mountains but all of them are beautiful.

    Thanks for your visit in Avignon too!

  14. Very beautiful. they seem to jump off the page! I'm happy to have found your blog...thanks!

  15. Wow. Someone else said it, but majestic is just the word for these images.

    I have been craving winter; we got a little off track with the 80 degree weather recently in my neck of the woods. The cool air seems to be flowing back in.

    I should try to get to mountains to see a view like this.

  16. i keep coming back to these, mesmerized - also i cannot stop wondering about how much the last picture reminds me of old Chinese paintings, there is a strange similarity in the shape of rocks and trees.
    i recently stumbled upon this Chinese photographer and i thought you might enjoy his nature shots as well:

    warm hugs!

  17. This is just too many wonderful shots for one post! By the time I got onto shots 3, 4, 5 and 6 I was physically moved by the images appearing before me! They're all wonderful!