December 20, 2010

Rain, Rain & More Rain


  1. Only You can make the rain drops look so magical!

    There that tune that pops into my head about "Rain drops keeps falling on my head" while I was at Trader Joe's for the coffee beans!

    Great colors very sharp and nice technique.

  2. The true mark of a great artist, and I have been convinced for ages now that you are : the ability to turn even the simplest of subjects into a resounding, inspiring, resonating, timeless works...

    Who would have ever guessed that rain on an asphalt street could be so majestically beautiful ? Only Stickup !

    If this is what you are capable of when it rains, then I can only wish you several more days of rain, to push you to new heights of accomplishment and visions...

  3. What! I love nothing more than traipsing through hell or high water... However, I'm thrilled that you chose to stay home and exercise your light-painterly eye on the world outside your 2nd-storey window.

    This time around, can't play favorites. They're all too good to take 2nd-best to one another. Way to go!

    Glad to know you are not on the flood plain, nor in the path of a mudslide. Enjoy those jammies!

  4. These are wonderful, and somewhat hypnotic, or entrancing!

  5. One 'WOW' per photo! Absolutely gorgeous, great post!
    It's raining for two days here too but, fortunatelly, it's not cold, especially comparing to what's going on in the rest of Europe. Have you seen the mess at the airports? First the volcano ashes and now this...

  6. dear Stickup

    There has not necessarily need to go very far to make very nice pictures ..
    sometimes I can stay in one square meter garden and spend hours: o) there is always something to photograph just before our eyes .... your photos are very nice reflections of a reality not very happy ..:o)

    Here too it's raining non-stop .. sad and gloomy weather ..
    I wish you much peace and love and light .. to illuminate the gray of the time ..
    see you soon ..
    I wish you a Merry Christmas ..

  7. I love seeing the world through your eyes . . .

  8. You amaze me always... these are just gorgeous, I am without a doubt a faithful follower:) Have a great Xmas hopefully with no rain!

  9. You have created beauty from our downpour. You are so very talented!

  10. I love these! The shapes,colors and lighting are amazing. I think the top three would look wonderful in frames and hanging on a wall. You really are an artist.

  11. Oh, these are incredibly gorgeous. The clarity, colour, energy conveyed. Fantastic variations on a theme. I am just loving them! True artistry, yes ma'am.

    If I ventured to photograph the days of rain here, it would be nothing but a grey blur. There's been serious flooding and a lot of road and property damage, with some areas being declared disaster zones in our region. Fortunately for us, none of this has happend in our immediate area. Weather world wide is definitely becoming more freakish it seems.

    But your photos are just ever more breath-taking.

  12. So is it still raining ?

    Hope you put on a yellow mac, galoshes, a rain hat, and went out to sail some homemade rafts down the rivers in the gutters ?


  13. You really make rain look cool!

    I'm finally back in Casa. What a month I had in Finland. I was so busy. But I did what planned and now life is good.


  14. Wow! Speaking as someone entirely familiar with rain, I have never seen shots like these. The second one looks like a Van Gogh! Wishing you a very Happy Christmas!

  15. We have been watching the weather in southern CA because kids and grand kids are there. You are wise to wait it out. Merry Christmas.

  16. Such beauty from something so simple, well caught StickUp! Just beautiful.

  17. I was back hoping for more photos but it's always nice to see yours again and again.

    It blows me away(no pun intended) to think that we are now feeling the same storm on the Eastcoast.

    I hope you had a great Christmas!

  18. here, in my white world (it snowed again, yesterday), i am looking at these mesmerizing images, again and again, lost in vague pondering about rain and snow, why it is they enchant us so much - and whether one could study people's temperament just by dividing them in two categories: lovers of rain, lovers of snow - how much such a simple choice can reveal about one's inner self...

    i wish you lovely and relaxing holiday days...