November 3, 2010

Climbing Kelso Dunes

I've been wanting to see the Kelso Dunes in the Mojave National Preserve for a long time and last weekend I finally made it out there. I was not disappointed. I arrived late in the afternoon as it started to cool down and made the 1 and 1/2 mile ascent to the top. I only ran into 5 other people on the dunes. The Mojave National Preserve is the least visited National Park in the United States. Fine by me.


  1. Ms Stickup, you rock !

    You simply rock big time !

    Massively rocking !

    You rock the boat !

    You sand us, you rock us, you sky us, you floor us, you upheave us, you transport us, like going to a good rock concert... exhilaration rules here...

    What more can I say ???

    Keep on rocking !

  2. Beautiful treatment of the Mojave, Stickup!

    Good thing you were out there in November and not in July. Otherwise they might have hand to pry the camera from your hot dead hand!

    Very surreal landscape. As always, I appreciate the geometry of your images.

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  4. Hello Stickup, lucky girl..:o)
    yes it's a chance to see all yours incomparable images..i love the colors,lines made by the sand , the infinite space,the dark shadows..
    Every shot is like a painting..
    I dream of traveling around the world and I can't do it ... With you it is possible .. and I thank you for this ...Have nice blue dreams :o))a lot..
    see you..

  5. Extraordinary place and extraordinary pictures! Dunes are such great examples of how a set of forces define a form. Prevailing winds carve and shape it. Move sand grain by grain up one side and over the top. Coaxing the dune along the plain. Looking at the light, it would seem the prevailing wind is from the west. That means it is slowly moving eastward, and should arrive here in Tennessee in a coupla million years. I can't wait! On second glance, it appears to be moving east...toward San Diego! Look out!

    (Seriously, wonderful shots...wish I could go there one day!)

  6. Late afternoon (or early morning) is the best time to capture that astonishing contrast of shadow and light. As always your composition is extraordinary. Wish I were there with you.

  7. oi, oi, oi....amazing shots again.
    I'm happy for you - you're able to explore places like this without bigger effort - traveling to the other side of the planet etc.
    Isn't our planet beautiful!

  8. The textures, the lines, the colors. The desert is a magnificent place, and you are an amazing photographer. Those things together make the rest of us very, very happy.

  9. oh my, what breathtaking beauty - one is reduced to silence, turns into a grain of sand...

  10. Even more exciting to have no idea of what you would see on the other side and then to have your breath taken away by this beauty. Awesome.

  11. WOW! You haven't posted for a while but the waiting was worth it. I absolutely love these desert images, the sand dune shots are outstanding!

  12. Breathtakingly beautiful! It is hard to comprehend how big that place is, but apparently you could drop our whole country into one of the Great Lakes and no-one would even see the ripple.
    Wonderful photos, so impressed!! :-)

  13. Hope you didn't get lost out there ?!?

  14. I couldn't say it better than Owen. So I'll say it again "You sand us, you rock us, you sky us, you floor us, you upheave us, you transport us..."

    I'm so glad you're willing to share it all with us!

  15. Wow! What a presentation, that is excellent I really enjoy your work and your writing. You really have the knack to make everything inviting and interesting. These shots are gorgeous:)))

  16. These are just amazing! I've never been there before. Now I'm going to make it a point to get there.