May 4, 2010

Atop Mt. Baldy


  1. These photos are so cool. I love the light and all of the wonderful nature. I'm blown away by the wood because to me it looks like two people kissing.

    "Sometimes, you just need to sit still and quiet in a vast space and be alone... it's good for the soul."

    So true!

  2. James,

    I just took another look at the wood and, now that you mention it, it does look like two people kissing. That is so cool. Thanks for pointing it out!

    I thought you might agree...

  3. I thought you had deliberately intruded upon the wood nymphs' moment of intimacy...

    (word verf: stabbe...)

  4. first time here.
    I love your work from the beautiful rushing water to the sadness of a child's toy left behind.

    the quotes you have chosen for some of your work are wonderful.

  5. Dear Pliers,

    Funny you should say that. I received a skinned knee, a rip in the knee of my pants, a sore wrist, and a "stabbe" wound on my calf from a yucca after all my stumbling around up there. The wood nymphs are laughing their asses off!

  6. Welcome All ways 11 o'clock,

    I'm so happy you enjoyed the work and the presentation! Thank you for perusing and commenting!

  7. I see you've been out goofing off again ! Some folks will do just about anything to avoid sitting at home in front of the television all day... sheeesh ! And in such a beautiful place again... Don't you have any dull, boring, or drab places in Southern Cal to photograph ??? Every time you keep putting up these really lovely places... we're at risk of getting jaded...


    Just kidding ! Keep up the great work !!! Could never get enough...

  8. Thanks Owen,

    I've often thought it would be interesting to show the "other side of things." Maybe I'll take the challenge...

    PS. We have no TV. Just Netflix. Though I could watch old black and white movies all day, no problemo!

  9. WOW!
    I have not forgotten you even if I have not been around lately.
    Today started to look for a new place to live.
    I hope soon my life is back to normal and I can blog 'normally' again.
    Take care!


  10. Dear BLOGitse,

    With what you've been through, I'm touched you find the time to stop by. Hope things settle down for you right quick. I'm sure you'll find the perfect place soon. I'll be following along...

  11. Oh hi spring, nice to see you!

    What a beautiful area to explore. I'm embarassed to say that I haven't made it up that way yet. It's just wrong, and I need to remedy it this summer. All the photos are gorgeous, but I especially love the patterns in the photo of the tree.

    I think you should see if you can even find drab things around here to shoot; actually, I know they exist. It's a big concrete jungle... but I think they can almost always be shot in a way that brings out their best side.

  12. Hi Amy,

    I don't get to LA much, I'm pretty far out here. No concrete jungle - yet. If I go west, I go to the beach.

    Not to say there isn't a lot of rundown ramshackle human ugliness in San Bernardino. If you've ever been on the 10 East, you know what I mean.

    It makes me sad, not a pleasant way to spend a day.

    Some day I'll confront it, just not today.

  13. J'ai particulièrement aimé la photo du vieux bois .
    Elle ressemble à une sculpture Incas .

  14. Merci Jean,

    With a little help from google I can understand you liked the shot of the wood.

    Thank you for your kind comment.

  15. The way that you shot the water and how it flows is just amazing, You Go Girl!

  16. Hi Fi,

    Practice practice. Getting ready for those ocean shots this summer!

  17. I love your photography. I knew when I finally found a few minutes to come visit you that I would NOT be disappointed. Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Thank you Oz Girl,

    I'll be nursing the blister on my foot this weekend from the walk up to get the shots for my most recent post. Yikes...

  19. Beautiful plant shots. The third one is so magical!
    The wood photo is truly impressive, I can see so many things on this (those?) trunk(s). Amazing textures!
    As to the water images: WOW! You certainly captured the motion in a most fantastic way. Bravo!

  20. These are all wonderful shots. I was thinking though, of the shots you missed. Skinned knee. Rip in pants. Sore wrist. Stab wound in calf. Blister on my foot! Go, girl!